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Stuck at home in isolation and can't get your favourite sweet treats? We have you sorted. LilJRW would normally be selling his sweet treats at the markets, but due to covid, most have been cancelled or we just simply are not comfortable going to the ones which are operating. 

So here we have in the Chocco box:

1 x creme egg mini

1 x 46g Peanut M&M 

1 x 46g Chocolate M&M 

2 x Whittakers mini chocs (various flavours) 

1 x 45g Caramilk bar

1 x 55g Caramello bar

1 x 85g twin moro bar

1 x 45g perky nana

1 x 67g twin picnic 

1 x 80g twin crunchie

1 x 100g mixed lollies bag containing: Fruit burst, wine gums and jelly lollies. 

All come in a lovely display box